Department of Dermatology

About Us

The Department of Dermatology incorporates a broad range of clinical services, research, and teaching activities to deliver the highest quality health care and to champion clinical innovation by leading through research and education.  Our goals are to leverage innovations in basic science, clinical thinking, and technology to provide cutting-edge care to our patients and to train the next generation of leaders in dermatology.

The department offers clinical services in general dermatology, cutaneous oncology, medical dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology, and dermatopathology.  The Department’s research activities span a broad range of investigative endeavors from basic science to clinical trials. Our faculty conduct clinical studies that advance clinical care and assure that our patients have access to cutting edge drugs and technologies. Our investigators lead diverse translational and basic science efforts to improve our understanding of skin biology and the abnormalities underlying skin diseases. These efforts include basic studies in cutaneous biology, immunology, neuroimmune regulation, tumor biology, gene therapy, and cutaneous imaging; translational programs in vaccine design, tumor immunotherapy, and cutaneous gene delivery; and clinical investigations of novel therapeutics including immunomodulators and immunotherapies for the treatment of melanoma, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, photodynamic therapies for the treatment of skin cancers, the application of bioinformatics to the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease, and the development of preventative and patient education strategies for the prevention of skin cancer.

To facilitate patient access to our services, the Department provides services through six distinct outpatient facilities located in Oakland, Shadyside, Harmarville, the North Hills, and Wexford and has a very active teledermatology program accessible to patients either directly at home or through their primary care providers.  We are committed to evolutionary change using strategies that can leverage our existing strengths, structure and organization to create revolutionary changes in health care delivery, technology, and education.