Department of Dermatology

Centers of Excellence

Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center

The Department of Dermatology’s Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center is located in a northern suburb of Pittsburgh. This freestanding surgery center is the most comprehensive laser facility in the region, and is unique in academic dermatology. Under the direction of Dr. Suzan Obagi, the center houses seven state-of-the-art lasers. Additionally, the Center provides a full spectrum of cosmetic services and procedures, including liposuction, blepharoplasties, botoxotoplasties, endoscopic brow lifts, soft tissue augmentation, deep and superficial chemical peels, and subcision.

Visit the Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center's Web site for more information, including details about the department's relationship with the center, services available, locations, and how to make an appointment.

Cutaneous Oncology Center

Under the direction of the Department of Dermatology, the Cutaneous Oncology Center is an interdisciplinary center staffed by faculty from dermatology, medical oncology, and surgical oncology. This comprehensive center offers patient education, screening, diagnoses, follow-up, and all available treatment options for all types of skin cancers. The center also serves as a center for clinical trials for novel cutaneous oncology therapies.

Mohs Surgery Center

The Mohs micrographic surgery procedure is a highly advanced technique for treating skin cancer that involves mapping diseased tissue in a very precise manner, facilitating complete removal of the skin cancer with minimal disruption to surrounding healthy skin. More information about UPMC's Skin Cancer Center and its its Mohs surgery center is available here.


University of Pittsburgh Physicians Dermatopathology Unit serves as a diagnostic dermatopathology resource for UPMC and others in the Western Pennsylvania region and beyond. More information is available at UPMC's Web site.

Center for Immunobullous Disease

As director of the Center for Immunobullous Disease, Dr. Timothy Patton manages rare, sometimes life threatening cutaneous diseases in coordination with dental and oromaxillofacial specialists, ophthalmologists, and primary care physicians within the UPMC system as well as the surrounding community.  

Contact Dermatitis Center

UPMC's Contact and Occupational Dermatitis Center is dedicated to determining the cause of persistent dermatitis, or eczema. Learn more about the center and services here.

Pigmented Lesions Center

The Pigmented Lesions Program is one of the branches of the Cutaneous Oncology Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Dermatology.  Under the direction of Laura K. Ferris, MD, PhD, it includes a Multidisciplinary Pigmented Lesions Clinic that integrates comprehensive approaches to detection, diagnosis and management of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

Teledermatology Center

Under the direction of Dr. Joseph English, UPMC's Teledermatology Program brings world-class physicians to their neighborhoods. Serving patients who are located outside of the Pittsburgh area, and in need of dermatological care, The Teledermatology Program provides a wide array of Dermatology services. 

Cutaneous Lymphoma Program

Under the direction of Oleg E. Akilov, MD, PhD, our program provides full spectrum of diagnosis and treatment of patients with all stages of cutaneous lymphomas. The Program includes a photopheresis unit and an infusion center for multi-agent chemotherapy on the basis of Clinical Trial Unit. The program also runs multiple clinical trials for novel cutaneous oncology therapies.

The Center for Solid Organ Transplant Related Skin Disease

The Center for Solid Organ Transplant Related Skin Disease is located in the Falk Medical Building, and is part of the Department of Dermatology. This specialty clinic provides comprehensive dermatologic care for patients starting as early as the initial evaluation for a solid organ transplant.